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NITTON PLATFORM SE is a technology company in the field of trade digitization,
tokenization, development of blockchain solutions and smart contract.

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Digitization of business

World 1.0, a predominantly material world that has lasted for the last thousand years, has definitely ended with coronavirus season. 20 years ago, at the turn of the millennium, the world 2.0 was born. The world is mostly digital. With the current crisis, he will leave the baby diapers and start living his own adult life. The current hysteria around coronavirus will significantly accelerate the digitization of everything that can be digitized.

Asset tokenization

Tangible and intangible assets (copyrights, licenses) can be digitized in the form of so-called asset tokenization. How else can the economic crisis be tackled more effectively than through innovation that will transform and revive the hitherto failing markets? And when, if not now? Every crisis so far has brought humanity something positive in addition to its problems. Progress. This crisis, including accelerating trends in the digitization of anything that can be digitized, will also dramatically accelerate developments in the global digitization of assets.

Blockchain solutions

We offer you the creation and implementation of your own projects using DLT technologies (distributed ledger technology – independent data storage in many places around the world using blockchain technology). You don’t have to have your own digital currency to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities called DLT, or blockchain, for your product and create your own security.

digitization of business

We focus on projects in the field of financial technology.

Our goal is to provide our customers with global financial resources that they would not otherwise achieve. And make full use of them to achieve maximum success in all perspectives in solving our client’s situation. The customer will ultimately get more than our services cost and new opportunities for a digital market with a global reach are open to him. This is our main added value.

Our mission is to be a partner of our clients in the field of digitization of their business. To be an innovative leader in asset tokenization across all areas across the European and global markets.


Tomáš Kovářík

Founder & Management board

Business visionary, experienced technologist and innovator of mining industry processes with 20 years of experience in international trade. Expert with experience on the African continent.

Roman Kabil

Co-Founder & Management board

Experienced bank investor and financial advisor with more than 15 years of experience in corporate governance.


Igor Pauer

general Manager

23 years of experience as a C-suiter, director, ex CEO or board advisor in multiple companies. In IT / SW since 1988. In e-commerce / digital transformation since 1996. In Blockchain since 2012.

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